Planned facilities in multiple states assure depth of supply of source material for consistency and quality throughout the supply chain. Patented technology to generate multiple quality grades for divergent applications, teamed with superior onsistency upon which our clients can rely & build brands.

Highly scalable manufacturing process, to ensure inventory for an increasing demand.


AgraTech has formed a manufacturing subsidiary, KYTOSAN USA, LLC, in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, to produce a biomaterial called chitosan that is obtained from the exoskeletons of shrimp, crab, crawfish and other crustaceans . KYTOSAN USA, LLC, will obtain the shell waste from local processors, most of whom now pay substantial hauling fees to dispose of a material that has value only to a chitosan manufacturer. The finished product, chitosan, will be sold within the industrial, agricultural, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and medical markets. AgraTech and its associates have been productively engaged in developing new chitosan-based technologies. Several of these technologies are in final development stages and patents applications have been submitted.

One of AgraTech’s Intellectual Properties is a patented manufacturing process that produces a consistently high-quality chitosan efficiently, enhancing profitability. The patent has been licensed to the manufacturing subsidiary. As each of the other technologies becomes market-ready, management will form a subsidiary to manufacture and market the product or will license the technology to another manufacturer. One criterion will be applied in each determination: which approach will maximize profitability?

AgraTech has developed a biotech enterprise focused on chitosan,
a biomaterial processed from crustacean shells (shrimp, crawfish, crab, etc.).

AgraTech will be the only major
manufacturer of chitosan in the US.

Demand for chitosan is outpacing supply as new uses are discovered and new chitosan-based products are developed.

While demand is already increasing in existing markets such as nutraceuticals and cosmetics for high quality chitosan, AgraTech has been actively researching new markets as well. AgraTech holds key patents or patents pending for an incredible array of new applications. We are poised to serve as market leader among chitosan suppliers worldwide.